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The Entrepreneurship School Belgium will take place on the 18th- 22nd June 2018 in Brussels and will provide participants with a unique opportunity to widen their business horizon and develop their entrepreneurial ideas.


During the 5-days School young people from all around the world will have the opportunity to meet and challenge the most successful entrepreneurs. A busy week is to be expected, filled with activities and challenges for all the participants!


You will meet, discuss and compete against participants from different countries, share opinions and experiences with successful entrepreneurs and will also have the chance to contribute towards developing a new business start-up idea in an interactive way.


Additionally, you will network with fellow participants during breaks and activities during and after sessions to deepen your thoughts on entrepreneurship.


On the completion of the school, you are expected to be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and identify the key success factors in business startups



Adopt a can-do attitude to take up any challenges


Get a better understanding of working in a team







It was founded in 2007 and has expanded to have offices in Brussels, Geneva

and Hong Kong. It is a not for profit organisation, with the aim of making the

world a better place for young people, by involving them in decision making

processes and by providing decision makers with high quality research on

youth’s conditions.

Based on its analysis of young people’s needs, ThinkYoung creates trainings

and workshops to empower young people to have a positive impact and make

a change.

Through the Entrepreneurship Schools organised in Europe, Asia and Africa,

every year more than opportunity to collaborate, 600 young people are

given the the chance to learn from the first-hand experience of successful

entrepreneurs, and the skills to create their own company.

At the ThinkYoung Audiovisual Laboratory, young researchers are trained

in filmmaking and multimedia projects. So far, our team has produced about

100 documentaries on youth in more than 30 different European and Asian


No professors

No boring presentation

No books

Meet people from different places

√ Debate with participants

√ Interact with successful entrepreneurs

√ Get deeper in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

√ Win the competition!

You will be assigned to a team on day one and will have the entire week to

develop a business plan. The final product of your team work will be presented

on the last day, in front of a jury. You will have a few minutes to present to

make this presentation and you are free to choose your preferred method

when presenting.



The Entrepreneurship School started in 2011 with one idea: that university

professors aren’t teaching students how to become successful entrepreneurs.

What’s missing?

There is not enough entrepreneurship education in Europe.

University education is too theory based, with students learning from professors

who don’t necessarily have the real life experience of what it takes to succeed.

When professionals are invited, they tend to be bankers, consultants and

managers, with most students wanting to follow their steps.

Our aim is to change this.

We believe that the most effective teachers and inspirers of entrepreneurship,

are actual entrepreneurs.

Our mission has been to actively engage students in a hands-on and interactive

school where students can develop their entrepreneurial skills.


This is why we created the first school without teachers.




Entrepreneurship School


The Entrepreneurship School aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial education and innovative learning.


We believe that the most effective teachers and inspirers of entrepreneurship are actual entrepreneurs.


This is why we have no professors, but only successful entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge and experiences with young and motivated people.


The Entrepreneurship School is now expanding to various regions over the world: join us, empower your start up ideas and learn how to create your business!

The application fee is 250€. You will receive an email with details if your application is selected. 


Meet other likeminded individuals

Meet other likeminded individuals

Learn from the best entrepreneurs

Learn from the best entrepreneurs

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