Jim Coke, founder of Hilmann Reinier, will attend the EWS Hong Kong 2015

Jim Coke
The son of a Jamaica farmer, Jim read Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University obtaining both a Bachelor and Masters degree. After graduating, he began a career in banking as a risk manager before relocating to Singapore and becoming an entrepreneur. Hilmann Reinier Brands Ltd started off in Hong Kong as a coffee manufacturing business developing its own brand (Lily Kerridge) before being listed in several stores under the A.S. Watson Group. All this was achieved within 18 months. Jim is the classic "bootstrapping entrepreneur". His achievements are remarkable because he landed in Hong Kong with no contacts, friends or family and battled his way through to Hong Kong's largest supermarket chain with a brand he developed from nothing. This was all achieved without the help of consultants, advisors, bank loans, local Chinese partners or foreign investors. Jim’s view on entrepreneurship is unconventional and at the same time practical and based almost entirely on the notion of “always doing more with less”. Hilmann Reinier now develops new brands coming into Asia and has expanded its portfolio from coffee to beer, chocolates, tea, rum, malt drinks and stouts. The Hong Kong Entrepreneur: From Start-up to Supermarket in 18 months is Jim's account of his journey and it will be available in Dymoks' bookstores in 2015.

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