David Ghysels at the Entrepreneurship Summer School Brussels

David Ghysels

David Ghysels, founder of Hakuna Matata, a Brussels based marketing agency whose calling card is the promise to create buzz for clients by staging unusual events, first pitched the idea of an airborne dinner to a client in 2004. What better way for a company to show that it is on top, than to float with the logo above the heads of the competition? "The message is the object", David believes. The client loved it, but after a few months of research David very quickly realized that they did not have the technical skills to pull it off. The concept was however too neat to drop. So when David was told of someone up on the Dutch border who might be able to help, he contacted him. Stefan Kerkhof "grew up around cranes" in his parents' construction company. When they sold the company in 1991, Stefan started Fun Group, an entertainment company offering bungee jumps and mobile stages. Together with David, he turned Dinner in the Sky into a workable proposition, securing an ultra tough German safety certification (TÜV Rheinland) for their table design. Dinner in the Sky has so far been organized more than 1,000 times in over 30 countries all over the world, from London to Dubai, from Lisbon to Cape Town, from Istanbul to Las Vegas.


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