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About the project 

Social Entrepreneurship Network is part of a Erasmus Plus project to contribute to youth unemployment reduction through the sustainable development of the work integration social enterprises (WISE) sector in Eastern Partnership countries. Through non-formal education, we hope to transfer knowledge of social business planning from capable social entrepreneurs to disadvantaged youth, within and beyond WISE. We also hope to develop a network of social enterprises and their supporting organisations, such as donors and training providers, for sharing educational resources and virtual cooperation tools. The project aims to build, develop, and improve the capacities of youth organisations and social enterprises so they are better able to improve the school-to-work system in their countries.

About our partners 

Children and Youth Development Fund of Georgia (CYDF) - Established in 2000, CYDF works on improving youth development through its program of grant-giving to youth CSOs. Since 2010 it has been operating under the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. Through analysis of its beneficiary civic sector youth organisations' experience, CYDF contributes to the country's Youth Policy development. 


Youth Social Rights Network (Y-SRN) - An international network of individuals and organisations working on the improvement of access to social rights for all young people, but particularly disadvantaged youth. Y-SRN follows the approach of the European Social Charter, with a vision to provide professional, pluralistic, high-quality, inclusive, transparent, and effective services to support the transformation of Europe in a structure that respects and protects social rights of autonomous young people and provides opportunities for their active participation in modern societies. 



Georgian Heritage Crafts Association (GHCA) - Founded in 2015, GHCA is an advocacy body for the craft sector in Georgia, as an outcome of the EU funded project "Crafts Platform in Action - Enhancing Sector's Economic Capacity for Georgia". The Association works to coordinate and enhance networking opportunities between different social enterprises in the field of crafts, enhancing the sector's economic potential; supporting the inclusion of the younger generation in social entrepreneurship-related education; acting towards the creation of an enabling environment, and communicating to the government the vital importance social entrepreneurship.



AEGEE-Yerevan European Students' Forum Association Youth - AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe represented by 15000 students, active in 232 academic cities, in 43 countries all around Europe. Its mission is to boost involvement of Armenian youth in European youth initiatives, to inform Armenian youth about European formal and informal education programs, and to give them an opportunity to experience various European cultures, the best existing in the spheres of democracy and active citizenship.



Go On! - An association for young people who are active, motivated, and always ready to contribute their time, effort, and talent to meet someone's need. Its mission is to support and to raise education level of young people from different social groups; to promote free educational, cultural, art, sport and social activities; to help young people achieving their goals; to unite active youth together and to create better conditions for their experience and knowledge exchange; to coach and support young social entrepreneurs; and to fight against discrimination and violence.



We have built this community to gather every one of you interested in Social Entrepreneurship. This is a platform for ideas to grow and for forward-thinkers to meet through dynamic discussions. Drop your questions and meet potential team members here! 

Mr. Keith Li
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